Can I change my EduNomix™ Account username?

Can I change my EduNomix™ Account username?

Account usernames cannot be changed. 
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    • How do I register with EduNomix™

      Browse to EduNomix™ and select "register" on the main navigation. You will be redirected to the Learner Management System to create your EduNomix™ Account. Once your account has been created, you will be directed back to the EduNomix™ home page. 
    • How do I reset my EduNomix™ Account password?

      On the login screen, click "Need help logging in?" and enter your account email address. Click "Recover my password" and refer to your email for the password recovery link, and follow the instructions to complete your password reset.
    • Are EduNomix™ Courses accredited and recognised?

      EduNomix™ provides a range of selected courses, including accredited an non-accredited short learning courses.
    • How do I destroy my account?

      It is not yet possible to destroy your account from within you account automatically. This procedure is done from within and, as such, requires request in writing. You may create a support ticket or email support for assistance.
    • How do I purchase multiple EduNomix™ learning courses?

      Once logged-in, you may browse courses, add multiple items to your shopping, cart and complete the checkout process in a single transaction.